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Office Redux

Working and Being Fab

Recently, I relocated.  Moving to a new place is always fun and exciting; learning how to get around, what your new favorite restaurants are, etc.  Plus, it’s always a great opportunity to redecorate.  Since I am now working out of a new office, I have this blank, empty cube that is depressing to no end.  It’s time to get it Filthy & Gorgeous, stat!  I’ve been poking and perusing on Pinterest to get some ideas and so far I keep getting pulled in by rich aqua and reds with splashes of my favorite hue:  GOLD.  My cube will be looking fab in no time!

San Francisco Print


1.  A fun new print of your fun new town.

Decorative Monogram


2.  A decorative monogram to claim the cube as your very own.

Brilliant Ideas NotebookEnamoured Pencil Set


3.  A notebook and sassy pencil to jot down your genius.

Acrylic StaplerAcrylic Tape Dispenser


4.  I don’t think the stapler or tape dispenser need any explanation.  Their website also has a ton of other great work and office accessories.  LOVE.


5.  A custom Jambox to play the tunes that keep you motivated.

Gold Paper ClipsGold Binder Clips


6. Gold paper clips and binder clips to keep with the theme.

Carnaby Mug

7.  A jazzed up mug to keep you jazzy.

Minimergency Kit


8. A minimergency kit for her.  Honestly this thing is only about as big as my palm and has 22 items in it.  TWENTY TWO!  I have one in my purse and one at my desk.  Best.  Invention.  Ever.


top photo via The Glitter Guide Tumblr