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Gifts for Gal

I’ve been told that my “Gifts for Guy” post was so great, that I needed to do one for the ladies too.  Well, I’m never one to disappoint – so with no further ado –

Gifts for Gal

Pink Mahjong Set, $72
kate spade iPhone Case, $40
Babushka Carafe, $24
Deborah Lippman “Trendsetter” Polish Set, $35
Large Monogram Necklace, $115
Madewell “Foxtrot” Earrings, $18
Fresh Body Oil, $45
Clare Vivier La Pochette Clutch, $145
“Ideal Bookshelf” Print by Jane Mount, $20                                                                               Cake Pops DIY Kit, $21
iSi Twist ‘n Sparkle Direct Carbonation System, $50
Knit Texting Gloves, $32

Gift shopping for girls can be just as tricky as shopping for guys – it all depends on who you’re buying for.  I like to pick up things that are fun, quirky and personal.  Things like giant gold monogram necklaces, a  babushka water carafe for bedside humor, a pink mahjong set because she’s been wanting to get a group together to play, a direct carbonation system to make any beverage sparkle, luxurious body oil in an intoxicating scent, an adorable cake pop kit, glitzy glitter nail polish, a sleek envelope clutch, and tech-savvy gloves that allow her to text and keep her digits nice and toasty.  Any of these gifts are sure to delight and will always remind the recipient of the special person that gave it to them!


Because practice makes perfect.

{ Rainbow chips, perfect for homemade funfetti }

In the next month I have three birthdays to celebrate and three showers to attend – events that allow me to practice one of my favorite pastimes. CAKE POPS.  I’m not a baker, I’m not even that great of a cook.  But for some reason, cake balls and cake pops are my absolute favorite things to make.  Maybe it’s the sheer joy on people’s faces when I hand them one, maybe it’s the tedious assembly required (I also hold a disturbing fascination with putting together IKEA furniture).  Who knows? 

I got a chance to practice again this past weekend with one of my best friends in preparation for a baby shower that we are jointly hosting.  I decided (since it’s my favorite) to do “funfetti” cake pops.  Some of the pops fell off their sticks, some got stuck in the candy melt, some dripped all over the place and some completely fell apart.  Though I followed the tips in Bakerella’s book (which has not failed me before), for some reason nothing was turning out right.  My friend and I decided to stop, breathe, and resume the next day.  Thankfully for us (and the baby shower we’re throwing) – they turned out great!  And I made it through the cake pop battle with only a few tears and some of my own tips to share –

  • Don’t use too much frosting, your cake pops will be just wet blobs that you can’t shape into anything.
  • When melting candy melt – use a ceramic dish.  Plastic melts, and glass gets too hot – causing the candy melt to seize (it will make you cry, I speak from experience).
  • Use gel food coloring instead of liquid.  After some experimenting, my friend and I noticed that the candy melt reacted differently to the liquid, and it was not pretty.
  • For even sized pops, use a tablespoon.  Take the tablespoon, drag it through the cake/frosting mixture until it’s packed, but level on top.  Tap it out into your hand and roll into a ball!
  • To keep cake balls on the sticks, dip the stick in candy melt before sticking it into the cake ball, it’ll act like glue and keep it snug.
  • For great cake baking tips – click here.

Now onto the rest of the shower preparations…