Summer’s Most Wanted

It’s the first official day of summer!  I can’t wait for all the BBQ weekends, beach getaways, poolside gab sessions, and iced drinks that come with the season.  This summer I’ve got almost too many plans with lots of traveling (and the dreaded packing) and different types of events.  So I’ve been thinking about stocking up on easy, neutral basics with a classic look that I can pair with bright makeup or quirky accessories – looks that are easy to pack and transition from hot days to steamy nights with ease!

1. Striped maxi dress | 2. Retro Pink Sunglasses | 3.  Sailboats Bandeau Suit |     4. Nude Patent Leather Flip Flops | 5. Red Espadrilles | 6. Gold Skull Bracelet |        7. Nars Body Illuminator | 8. “Rock the Casbah” Tote.

p.s. – My mom drove me to high school the first two years before I got my license and we listened to The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah” everrrrrrrry morning. That, and “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye. Not every mom is as cool as my mom!


Moonrise Monday

When my brother and I are in town at the same time, our thing is going to the movies.  After Thanksgiving dinner, after opening Christmas presents – whatever holiday it may be we like to hit up a movie at some point.  Saturday we decided the only thing worth seeing Father’s Day Weekend was Moonrise Kingdom.  We went to the old Tower Theater, which perfectly complemented the film’s vintage vibe.  I definitely recommend the movie – even if you’re not a total Andersonphile like myself.  It’s sweet and funny, and gives you warm, nostalgic fuzzies thinking about your first love and how important and monumental it all seemed when you were 13 (which of course – everything was important and monumental).

(maybe my favorite scene)

A Fiesta for the Mister and Missus

Last weekend was my first official wedding event/bridesmaid duty.  The Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor and I threw a little couples shower for our bestie-bride-to-be and even though she’s having a Fall wedding in Napa – we decided to go with a rustic Mexican fiesta feel.  We had custom sugar cookies made to look like papel picado, tequila soaked watermelon, hot pink and orange accents everywhere, and (my favorite part) a taco stand!  A man stood behind his little portable grill-top and made street tacos for us all night long.  I would have taken a picture for you all, but I was too busy stuffing my face.  All in all, it was such a nice party and a great way to kick off this upcoming Wedding bonanza!

San Diego, Part Deux

This past weekend, I shot down to San Diego real quick.  Again.  Virgin America was having a sale and I went for it.  I was there for less than 48 hours – due to LOTS of flight delays (no fun) – but I managed, as I always do, to jam pack it with my favorite people and activities.  I even broke a shoe at one of my favorite spots, doing what I like to call “aggressive dancing” – as in, this is MY dance floor everybody; get outta mah way!  We also went out to Davanti Enoteca for Italian one night and I gotta say – it was an unforgettable meal.  If you go, may I recommend the fresh-baked focaccia with soft cheese and honeycomb.  So tasty – I now have daily dreams about it.  Love those quick little jaunts!

{ airport entertainment, for my many delays }

{ amaaaaaaaaaazing Italian food, obviously }

{ poor lil’ shoe }

{ Sunday night neon nail party }

Hot Lips

I’ve never been much a lipstick-wearing-kind-of-gal, I think a lot of girls in my generation fall into that same category – it was all nude lip gloss and “smokey” eyes.  But lately (is it because I’m getting older? Don’t tell me that!) I’ve been drifting towards those colored tubes with no abandon.  And I’m jumping straight into the deep end too – no nudes for me, no-siree!  I went into MAC the other day for “So Chaud”, a brilliant matte red that I’ve only seen on other people.  I didn’t even try it on my hand, I just walked in and asked for it.  Those counter girls know a new junkie when they see one – because they pawned two more off on me.  “Sail La Vie” (a gorge orangey red cream) and “Viva Glam Nicki” (an in-yo-face coral pink).  I wore Sail La Vie out the other night and got some compliments, and a girlfriend said to me “I just don’t have the right lips to pull off lipstick.”  Nonsense!  We ALL have the lips to pull off lipstick.  I think the secret is the attitude – we just have to have the mojo (also a nice swipe of eyeliner and lots of mascara wouldn’t hurt).

{ from L to R: Viva Glam Nicki, So Chaud, Sail La Vie }

Blue Midas

Blue Midas
The other day I stopped in Sephora (as I’m apt to do) and picked up the new Thakoon for NARS nail polish in “Kutki”.  It’s the perfect creamy, dreamy blue for Summer.  It also happens to match my lunch bag 🙂
Last year, I paired up some trend-worthy nude sandals with hot-hot-hot oranges and corals – it’s one of my favorite combos.  So I started thinking “what color would look best with my bluesy pedi?”  It’s gotta be gold!  I’m looking forward to pairing sleek metallic golds and other fun blues, like the options above alllll summer long!

Grilled Nectarine and Arugula Salad

Thanks to my friends over at getPHYT, I am now aware that it is Women’s Health Week.  So in celebration of Women’s Health Week and as a follow-up to my post last week, I thought I’d make a fresh, tasty and HEALTHY recipe for this week’s post.  Last night I wanted something light but flavor filled so I ended up making this salad. I kept the dressing simple – just a scant amount of olive oil, dash of vinegar, pinch of salt, and some pepper – so I could really let the peppery arugula and sweet nectarine flavor shine through.  I found this very interesting vinegar at the market, and I gotta tell you – it’s deeeelish!  I cut up an heirloom tomato and added sliced raw almonds for texture (plus they’re really good for you).  It was so tasty, even my brother the culinary wizard approved.  Give it a try!  For other super-tasty-but-super-healthy recipes, check out Shira at In Pursuit of More.  Her recipes are drool worthy to say the least.