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Fall’s Most Wanted (Home Edition)

Were you aware that Zara had a home collection? Yeah, me neither!  Until today – and I have seeeeeeen the light!  I could peruse this site for hours.  If you are unfamiliar with Zara clothing – it’s basically an H&M from Spain.  Great, thoughtful, forward design all at really reasonable prices.  The home collection is no different.  And I have seriously been searching for a horn soap dish for about six years – of course they have it.  Dreams do come true.

Now that we are in the full throes of Fall (brrrrrr!) I’ve been feeling inspired by warm metals, spooky skulls and natural materials.  I’ve picked just a few of my favorites above, which was a difficult task – believe me.

1.  skull flatware | 2. pitcher & tumbler | 3. cozy throw | 4. black vanilla candle | 5. chain link frame | 6. horn batch accessories | 7. pub stool


Summer’s Most Wanted

It’s the first official day of summer!  I can’t wait for all the BBQ weekends, beach getaways, poolside gab sessions, and iced drinks that come with the season.  This summer I’ve got almost too many plans with lots of traveling (and the dreaded packing) and different types of events.  So I’ve been thinking about stocking up on easy, neutral basics with a classic look that I can pair with bright makeup or quirky accessories – looks that are easy to pack and transition from hot days to steamy nights with ease!

1. Striped maxi dress | 2. Retro Pink Sunglasses | 3.  Sailboats Bandeau Suit |     4. Nude Patent Leather Flip Flops | 5. Red Espadrilles | 6. Gold Skull Bracelet |        7. Nars Body Illuminator | 8. “Rock the Casbah” Tote.

p.s. – My mom drove me to high school the first two years before I got my license and we listened to The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah” everrrrrrrry morning. That, and “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye. Not every mom is as cool as my mom!

Blue Midas

Blue Midas
The other day I stopped in Sephora (as I’m apt to do) and picked up the new Thakoon for NARS nail polish in “Kutki”.  It’s the perfect creamy, dreamy blue for Summer.  It also happens to match my lunch bag 🙂
Last year, I paired up some trend-worthy nude sandals with hot-hot-hot oranges and corals – it’s one of my favorite combos.  So I started thinking “what color would look best with my bluesy pedi?”  It’s gotta be gold!  I’m looking forward to pairing sleek metallic golds and other fun blues, like the options above alllll summer long!

For Moms With a Heart of Gold

Mother’s Day is right around the corner so I’ve been thinking about what to get for my mama.  Last year, my mom probably had her worst Mother’s Day yet.  So this year, I’m looking forward to a do-over and a much happier Mother’s Day.  My mom and I don’t have the same taste, but we do like a lot of the same things – like Philosophy Coconut Frosting body wash and Tapatio hot sauce.  My favorite Mother’s Day gift was when my brother and I were able to find a vintage jewelery box that plays “Sukiyaki” when you open it to replace the one that was given to her by her dad when she was a little girl.  While my brother and I might never be able to top that one – maybe one of the pretty pink things with gilded accents above will do for the prettiest mom with a heart of gold!

Mother’s Day Card 

Personalized Playing Cards 

Kate Spade Cat Eye Sunglasses

MOR Belladonna Candle

Pink Geode Trinket Box

Pink and Gold Oval Link Bracelet

 Pink Drop Earrings

Rosy Cheeked Champagne Coupes

Veuve Rosé 

Gold Baking Cups 

Pink Cake Stand 

Gold Sanding Sugar 

Gold Eyelash Curler 

Tom Ford Pink Dusk Lipstick 

 Gold Stripe Phone Cover

Spring Makeup – Most Wanted

This past week has been so gloomy and rainy that I’ve been dreaming up all the pretty spring looks I want to trot out.  Lately I’ve been drifting towards flawless skin, giant eyelashes, and matte hot pink lipstick.  Like my own toned-down version of Japanese Kawaii. 

Speaking of flawless skin, have you tried a BB Cream yet?  I had been seeing BB Creams pop up in every magazine I read, every beauty website I perused.  So I thought I’d give it a shot.  I really like it!  I’m used to using tinted moisturizer, and BB Cream is like that – only on steroids.  So much better for your skin than pore-clogging foundation.

I’ve gathered a few of my spring look essentials above – enjoy!

(from L to R)

Get Loose With the Juice!

{ my “lunch” the other day: apple/beet/carrot/ginger/spinach juice }

Do you juice? Are you a juicer? Does pulverized fruit get you all excited? Yeah, me neither.  Buuuuuuut – I thought I might give it a go. I keep hearing all the benefits and advantages to juicing and wouldn’t mind any of that.  In my poking around the internet, I’ve found a lot of juice “cleanses” – which also don’t sound like a bad idea.  Everybody needs a good detox every now and then (especially this girl: lover of all things champagne/cheesecake/smoked pork product related).  There are some out there that are one day, three days, or five days.  I think the most I could last is three.  Solid food and I have a had a pretty good run, I’m not willing to break up quite yet. 

What about you?  Have you ever tried juicing? Have you ever tried a cleanse? What about the master cleanse?  Did you think you would kill for some real food?  I’m dying to try it out – here a few of the options I’ve been looking at:

1.  The “Can Can Cleanse” – based in San Francisco, owner/founder Teresa Piro blends up and presses seasonal fruits and veggies for this one, three, or five-day cleanse.  You get 8 juices a day, which also includes some herbal teas and a nut milk.  Teresa includes some pretty helpful guidelines on her website for the cleanse like how to prep before you start, how to come down when you finish and what to eat if you’re really feelin’ the need for some solid food.  And how cute are those reusable mason jars?!

2.  The “BluePrintCleanse” – these juices are freshly made in New York City, but the juices can be shipped out in coolers so you could get them wherever you are!  They are numbered in the order you drink them, pretty easy to follow.  Similar to the Can Can cleanse, it includes fruit and veggie juices along with a nut milk.  There is also a “Juice ‘Til Dinner” program that includes food if the juice alone is too intense.  BluePrintCleanse also has three different levels, so that if you are a rookie or a more “advanced” juicer there is something for everyone.  I’d be an advanced juicer…no, no that’s a lie.  I’m a rookie.  Sigh.

3. The “Goop Cleanse” – created by Gwyneth Paltrow’s doctor, Dr. Junger, this cleanse is composed of not just juice, but soups and solid food including steamed salmon and greens, detox teriyaki chicken and smoothies for breakfast.  There are also helpful lifestyle tips to follow while on the cleanse and recipes for all of the juices and food.  One tip I particularly liked addressed “sluggish bowel movements”, mostly because it made me giggle like a 10-year-old.

5. The “Juicey Lucy’s Cleanse” – Also San Francisco based, this juice business actually operates out of a food truck and can be found at area farmers markets. The ingredients are fresh, local and you can pick a cleanse that lasts three, five, seven, ten days, or one day a week for however many weeks you choose.   According to their website, one 16 oz. Lucy’s Juice is equivalent to three servings of veggies.  Now that’s some serious nutrition.

I think that a cleanse would be difficult, but in the end would also probably feel totally amazing.  I think I need a juice cleanse buddy, however – someone in the trenches with me as we starve, hallucinate, and snap at one another due to low blood sugar.  Who’s with me?

*photos courtesy of Can Can Cleanse, BluePrintCleanse, Goop, Juicey Lucy’s

Putting Neon in Neutral

Putting Neon in Neutral

It used to be that when someone said the word “neon” I would instantly get the mental image of a pair of black MC Hammer (aka “parachute”) pants with fluorescent puff paint squiggles and paint splatters  that I wore for the better part of third grade.  Those days are over, thankfully.  While the parachute and puff paint trend has died it seems that Neon is here to stay! And why not?  It’s fun, fresh and tempered with neutral grey and materials like cork, neon is less 80s sleaze and more millenial sleek.  I’m loving all the bright pieces popping up this season,  so I’ve gathered a few favorites to share with all of you!

  1. Milly clutch handbag, $235, Clare Vivier envelope clutch, $145
  2. Stella McCartney round sunglasses, $225
  3. American Apparel nail polish in Neon Violet and Neon Yellow, $6
  4. Topshop blush in Neon Rose, $12
  5. Forever 21 top, $20
  6. Joe’s Jeans skinny jeans, £105
  7. Multicolored Chevron Custom iPhone Case, $55
  8. Juicy Couture tying scarf, $78
  9. Kate Spade flat, $225
  10. Pendant, $54, Ettika rhinestone jewelry, $63
  11. Clutch handbag, $60
  12. Setting Fire by Kathranne Knight 20×200, $60

*p.s. quick tip about neon nail polish:  paint a coat of white nail polish first, under the neon polish – your nails will look more like the color on the bottle and less transparent/streaky!