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Destination: Capitola

Capitola Lifeguard

My family has been going to Capitola for a few weeks every summer for as long as I can remember. I have a lot of great memories from summers in that town, and it’s a place I hold near and dear to me. For the past few years, I’ve only been able to shoot down for a few days or so – so when I’m there, it’s mostly sun bathing on the beach, or trivial pursuit at the beach house, and then I’m gone just as quickly as I arrived. Needless to say, I may have missed some lovely developments in that dreamy little village.

This past weekend I met up with a group of girlfriends from college that I haven’t seen in two years, so we all had a lot of catching up to do! (Quick recap: pregnancy! engagement!) We were originally supposed to stay in La Selva beach, but due to a strange twist of events (including a squatter and classical music no less) we changed plans and made a last-minute reservation at the Venetian in Capitola. I was excited because I thought “I know this town – I’ll show these girls around, no big!” Completely forgetting that for the past 3 or so years, I’ve reserved myself to the sand and my parents house whenever I’ve been there. Since it’s the middle of winter, laying out wasn’t really an option – so we went shopping! As we set about our excursion, I was pleasantly surprised. The last time I did any “real” shopping in Capitola, I was in high school – so it was more hemp ankle bracelets and platform flip-flops. They have some amazing shops, with some incredible finds and I’ve highlighted a few new favorites below.

Alphabet Blocks


{ quirky toys from Lumen Gallery }

1. Lumen – great gift shop/gallery with a post-modern flair.  Lots of interesting and funky toys, artwork and Jonathan Adler pottery.

2.  Euphoria Rio Mix – like a locally owned Forever 21.  Really cute costume jewelry, party tops and maxi dresses at very reasonable prices.

3.  Sweet Asylum – Ethereal/beachy themed women’s shop.  Light, flowy tops and skirts, cute vintage home goods.

4.  Yvonne – higher end women’s clothing.  Some amazing cocktail dresses and a large lingerie inventory including tons of Hanky Panky and Cosabella.

5.  Betsy’s Summerhouse Antiques – quirky little antique shop for the rare find.  I spent quite a bit of time exploring all the 60s-era Las Vegas matchbooks.

6.  Charley & Co. – adorable little gift shop with lots of quirky, homemade looking decor items.  They were unfortunately closed when I was there, but the window display was enough to make me want to come back – again and again.

7.  Just Baby – as stated above, our group is expecting a little one soon!  So the mama-to-be was showered with tiny little gems from this shop.  They also make their own custom clothing.

8.  Panache – one stop that was not new to me, I’ve been going here every year.  But it’s one of my favorites so I thought I’d give them a shout out.  Fantastic smelling lotions, bath gel, oils, as well as an array of other body products and gifts.  This year’s purchase – the shea butter coconut lotion.

9.  Vanity by the Sea – little sunglasses shop run by an adorable married couple.  Large selection of Prada, Ray Ban, Coach and Maui Jim.  Everyone in our group walked out with a new pair (except for me, I just got a new pair of these awesome House of Harlows)

Gilded Martini Glasses

Jade Necklace

{ gilded martini glasses and a jade style necklace from Zen Island }

10.  Zen Island by the Sea – home goods and women’s apparel shop.  Tons of amazing smelling Archipelago Botanicals and Illume candles.  Lots of delicate jewelry and the softest “Capitola” sweatshirts I’ve ever found.

It was such a fun trip, and it was so great to see these girls.  We may let a few years go by before we get together, but it never fails to feel like we all just saw each other yesterday as we pick up right where we left off.

While you’re out, have lunch on the patio overlooking the beach at Paradise Beach Grille , grab dinner at  Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine (best Italian outside of my mom’s kitchen).  Then cap off the day at Cava Wine Bar.


Summer’s Most Wanted

It’s the first official day of summer!  I can’t wait for all the BBQ weekends, beach getaways, poolside gab sessions, and iced drinks that come with the season.  This summer I’ve got almost too many plans with lots of traveling (and the dreaded packing) and different types of events.  So I’ve been thinking about stocking up on easy, neutral basics with a classic look that I can pair with bright makeup or quirky accessories – looks that are easy to pack and transition from hot days to steamy nights with ease!

1. Striped maxi dress | 2. Retro Pink Sunglasses | 3.  Sailboats Bandeau Suit |     4. Nude Patent Leather Flip Flops | 5. Red Espadrilles | 6. Gold Skull Bracelet |        7. Nars Body Illuminator | 8. “Rock the Casbah” Tote.

p.s. – My mom drove me to high school the first two years before I got my license and we listened to The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah” everrrrrrrry morning. That, and “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye. Not every mom is as cool as my mom!

Putting Neon in Neutral

Putting Neon in Neutral

It used to be that when someone said the word “neon” I would instantly get the mental image of a pair of black MC Hammer (aka “parachute”) pants with fluorescent puff paint squiggles and paint splatters  that I wore for the better part of third grade.  Those days are over, thankfully.  While the parachute and puff paint trend has died it seems that Neon is here to stay! And why not?  It’s fun, fresh and tempered with neutral grey and materials like cork, neon is less 80s sleaze and more millenial sleek.  I’m loving all the bright pieces popping up this season,  so I’ve gathered a few favorites to share with all of you!

  1. Milly clutch handbag, $235, Clare Vivier envelope clutch, $145
  2. Stella McCartney round sunglasses, $225
  3. American Apparel nail polish in Neon Violet and Neon Yellow, $6
  4. Topshop blush in Neon Rose, $12
  5. Forever 21 top, $20
  6. Joe’s Jeans skinny jeans, £105
  7. Multicolored Chevron Custom iPhone Case, $55
  8. Juicy Couture tying scarf, $78
  9. Kate Spade flat, $225
  10. Pendant, $54, Ettika rhinestone jewelry, $63
  11. Clutch handbag, $60
  12. Setting Fire by Kathranne Knight 20×200, $60

*p.s. quick tip about neon nail polish:  paint a coat of white nail polish first, under the neon polish – your nails will look more like the color on the bottle and less transparent/streaky!

Gifts for Gal

I’ve been told that my “Gifts for Guy” post was so great, that I needed to do one for the ladies too.  Well, I’m never one to disappoint – so with no further ado –

Gifts for Gal

Pink Mahjong Set, $72
kate spade iPhone Case, $40
Babushka Carafe, $24
Deborah Lippman “Trendsetter” Polish Set, $35
Large Monogram Necklace, $115
Madewell “Foxtrot” Earrings, $18
Fresh Body Oil, $45
Clare Vivier La Pochette Clutch, $145
“Ideal Bookshelf” Print by Jane Mount, $20                                                                               Cake Pops DIY Kit, $21
iSi Twist ‘n Sparkle Direct Carbonation System, $50
Knit Texting Gloves, $32

Gift shopping for girls can be just as tricky as shopping for guys – it all depends on who you’re buying for.  I like to pick up things that are fun, quirky and personal.  Things like giant gold monogram necklaces, a  babushka water carafe for bedside humor, a pink mahjong set because she’s been wanting to get a group together to play, a direct carbonation system to make any beverage sparkle, luxurious body oil in an intoxicating scent, an adorable cake pop kit, glitzy glitter nail polish, a sleek envelope clutch, and tech-savvy gloves that allow her to text and keep her digits nice and toasty.  Any of these gifts are sure to delight and will always remind the recipient of the special person that gave it to them!

Fall’s Most Wanted

Fall's Most Wanted


Fall is by far my favorite season of the entire year.  There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning wood in a fireplace or the sounds of a football game on TV to soothe my soul.  The weather is crisp, the smells are delicious and everything gets super cozy.  I can tell already that my fall is going to be full of soft knits in retro patterns, chunky gold jewelery, structured bags and va-va-voom red lips.   What are your favorite looks for fall?

Knit sweater, $76
Zara rubber shoes, $100
Bracelet, $88
Ariel Gordon silk jewelry, $108
Stella mccartney sunglasses, $225
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil -Dragon Girl, $24
ADRIANO GOLDSCHMIED Dark Blue 7/8 Cigarette Roll Up Jeans Stilt, $280
robinson satchel | Tory Burch, $550