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Jetset Gal

Jetset Gal

In the month of January, I stayed in five different hotels, in five different cities.  I was traveling all month for work and for fun and I actually find myself missing those giant makeup mirrors attached to the wall in hotel bathrooms.  Because I do find myself on the go so often I actually have my toiletry bag packed and always ready to go.  I have an extra set of essentials – toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, face cream, hair bands, etc. in there so when it’s time, all I have to do is throw that sucker in my carry on and I am ready.

Every now and then I come across a miniature version of one my product essentials and I squeal (out loud, in the middle of Target, for God and everyone to hear) then snap up 5 to 10 of them for my travel stash.  You can usually find small versions of products at the big places like Sephora, Ulta, Target, and your local pharmacy.  But when you’re a total brand loyalist like myself, it can get tricky.  I refuse to use anything but Dove deodorant, and I once came across a teeny-weeny stick attached to a normal sized one as part of a promotion – squealing ensued.

So what to do when you can’t find your favorite product in itty-bitty size?  Well, I have your solution!  I recently came across this website –  It’s genius.  It’s like a Sephora for Polly Pocket.  Just about anything you can think of is on here: really great skin care, amazing hair products and cosmetic lines I’ve never heard of before (which is rare).  I’m dying to try this facial mist for those flights that suck all the precious moisture from my skin.  They also have brilliantly curated kits of teeny-weeny products that serve a multitude of purposes – Gym Kit

Go Smile Kit

Top to bottom:  the gym kit and the Go Smile kit.  I have about half of the gym kit already – the cucumber facial towelettes, Herban Essentials antibacterial towelettes, and Oscar Blandi dry shampoo are all currently in my gym bag!  Love that they’ve come up a few other essentials and put them all together.

Here are some of my other travel essentials:

Clear travel bags to organize all the above mentioned itty-bitty-teeny-weeny beauty products

–  A cozy wrap that can double as a blanket during chilly flights

Tablet privacy screen cover, so that nosy neighbors don’t watch reruns of Real Housewives over your shoulder.  (*more importantly if you online shop on your iPad like I do – so they can’t see you enter your address or credit card information.  I once sat next to a man on a flight from Florida to California who informed me after our flight was over that he saw EVERYTHING and to be more careful next time.)

Safe travels my loves!

*top photo from Old Time Friend


Hot Lips

I’ve never been much a lipstick-wearing-kind-of-gal, I think a lot of girls in my generation fall into that same category – it was all nude lip gloss and “smokey” eyes.  But lately (is it because I’m getting older? Don’t tell me that!) I’ve been drifting towards those colored tubes with no abandon.  And I’m jumping straight into the deep end too – no nudes for me, no-siree!  I went into MAC the other day for “So Chaud”, a brilliant matte red that I’ve only seen on other people.  I didn’t even try it on my hand, I just walked in and asked for it.  Those counter girls know a new junkie when they see one – because they pawned two more off on me.  “Sail La Vie” (a gorge orangey red cream) and “Viva Glam Nicki” (an in-yo-face coral pink).  I wore Sail La Vie out the other night and got some compliments, and a girlfriend said to me “I just don’t have the right lips to pull off lipstick.”  Nonsense!  We ALL have the lips to pull off lipstick.  I think the secret is the attitude – we just have to have the mojo (also a nice swipe of eyeliner and lots of mascara wouldn’t hurt).

{ from L to R: Viva Glam Nicki, So Chaud, Sail La Vie }

Blue Midas

Blue Midas
The other day I stopped in Sephora (as I’m apt to do) and picked up the new Thakoon for NARS nail polish in “Kutki”.  It’s the perfect creamy, dreamy blue for Summer.  It also happens to match my lunch bag 🙂
Last year, I paired up some trend-worthy nude sandals with hot-hot-hot oranges and corals – it’s one of my favorite combos.  So I started thinking “what color would look best with my bluesy pedi?”  It’s gotta be gold!  I’m looking forward to pairing sleek metallic golds and other fun blues, like the options above alllll summer long!

Texting Soley

My girlfriend Soley and I have a habit of texting each other all of our manicures.  It doesn’t really matter if it’s boring, or a color that we’ve seen before – I think it has to do with the fact that maybe no one else gets quite as excited as we do about nails.  Anytime I hear the ding of a text message and it’s a picture of Soley’s nails, I quickly follow with “Oooooooohhhhhhhhh prettttttyyyyy!”  It’s nice when you can geek out about something with another person, makes you feel less coo-coo-ka-choo.  In college, it was Disney tv shows.  Don’t know why I liked them as much as I did – but I could count on at least five of my sorority sisters who would get equally as excited about an hour-long “Even Stevens” special as I would.

What are some of the unexpected things you and your girlfriends get excited about?

*If you want to know about any of the colors above, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to figure it out!

Spring Makeup – Most Wanted

This past week has been so gloomy and rainy that I’ve been dreaming up all the pretty spring looks I want to trot out.  Lately I’ve been drifting towards flawless skin, giant eyelashes, and matte hot pink lipstick.  Like my own toned-down version of Japanese Kawaii. 

Speaking of flawless skin, have you tried a BB Cream yet?  I had been seeing BB Creams pop up in every magazine I read, every beauty website I perused.  So I thought I’d give it a shot.  I really like it!  I’m used to using tinted moisturizer, and BB Cream is like that – only on steroids.  So much better for your skin than pore-clogging foundation.

I’ve gathered a few of my spring look essentials above – enjoy!

(from L to R)

Chevron Nails

A few weeks ago I posted about my obsession with all things neon/neutral and the obsession still stands. I couldn’t be more excited for spring and everything that comes with it. Yesterday it was 70 ° and I started to get the itch to express my excitement for the warm weather, new fashions, and Cadbury mini eggs (seriously THE BEST Easter candy ev-er). I decided the best outlet for this excitement would be some nail art combining my neon/neutral love and chevron stripes, which I’ve been seeing everywhere all year-long.  I’ve seen chevron nails before, but I don’t have the steadiness to just paint stripes willy-nilly on my tiny little nails. I need structure, I need guidance, I need…scotch tape.

{ Put the tape on your skin so it’s not too sticky and pulls up the polish }{ Cut the tape into tiny little strips, I cut out about 60 }{ I painted two coats of my current fave, “Pool Party” and let it dry }{ Tape up those nails, girrrrrl.  I reversed the direction on my ring nail for fun }{ Paint the grey polish on top, I used two coats – one alone was too sheer } { Pull up the tape, and take a look at what needs to be cleaned up! }

Not bad for my first time, but there is room for improvement for sure.  I’m thinking maybe making stencils of label paper might be easier.  I’ll keep practicing, because it’s a look that’s too perky not to perfect!

Putting Neon in Neutral

Putting Neon in Neutral

It used to be that when someone said the word “neon” I would instantly get the mental image of a pair of black MC Hammer (aka “parachute”) pants with fluorescent puff paint squiggles and paint splatters  that I wore for the better part of third grade.  Those days are over, thankfully.  While the parachute and puff paint trend has died it seems that Neon is here to stay! And why not?  It’s fun, fresh and tempered with neutral grey and materials like cork, neon is less 80s sleaze and more millenial sleek.  I’m loving all the bright pieces popping up this season,  so I’ve gathered a few favorites to share with all of you!

  1. Milly clutch handbag, $235, Clare Vivier envelope clutch, $145
  2. Stella McCartney round sunglasses, $225
  3. American Apparel nail polish in Neon Violet and Neon Yellow, $6
  4. Topshop blush in Neon Rose, $12
  5. Forever 21 top, $20
  6. Joe’s Jeans skinny jeans, £105
  7. Multicolored Chevron Custom iPhone Case, $55
  8. Juicy Couture tying scarf, $78
  9. Kate Spade flat, $225
  10. Pendant, $54, Ettika rhinestone jewelry, $63
  11. Clutch handbag, $60
  12. Setting Fire by Kathranne Knight 20×200, $60

*p.s. quick tip about neon nail polish:  paint a coat of white nail polish first, under the neon polish – your nails will look more like the color on the bottle and less transparent/streaky!