Filthy and Gorgeous is a blog about all the little things that tickle my fancy, and make life so special.  I love to write about beauty, fashion, food, travel and everything in between.  I was an english major at Cal Poly who then went on to professional make-up school only to work for non-profit fundraising for five years and eventually ended up in retail development project management.  New lipstick and hard hats make me giddy, what can I say?  I’m always coming across someone or something that is just absolutely wonderful, so instead of a constant stream of emails, I figured I’d just lay it all out here.  So take a moment to read, to enjoy the little things that make life so special – to quote one of my favorites:

“Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

-Auntie Mame

Questions? Comments? Just wanna say hi?  Email hello@filthyandgorgeous.net



9 responses to “About

  1. Very cool Liz…I am impressed! When are you coming home? I need a makeover!!!!

  2. Very Impressed Liz!

  3. Duchess Ivana Stoli

    Marvelous Darling, simply marvelous!

  4. Yeah…Can’t wait to read more.
    Love the “Liz touch”, your great!!!

  5. Awesome job Liz!

  6. Lauren "Tre L" Lucas

    Liz, you are just the best… loves it!

  7. Paigey poo head

    Ahh Lizzie. I am so proud. Also living vicariously;) Hope you are well. xoxo

  8. "Terry" Powers

    Lizard, you are the best! I so look forward to reading your blog…keep em’ coming!!

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