Super Sweet 30

Maybe one of my favorite things about being 30 so far has been celebrating with my friends and giving them a hard time for their 30th birthdays!  I did just that this past weekend with a two day junk-food-candy-booze-bonanza!  My friend Suz loooooves junk food and candy so when her boyfriend decided to throw her a surprise getaway in Monterey with friends – we couldn’t help ourselves and went all out with candy, personalized cocktail napkins and matches, junk food shaped balloons, goody bags and tags, cupcakes, funfetti cake (naturally), ice cream, bubble gum vodka, party hats, silly glasses, mini corn dogs, Fritos…the list goes on.  I surprisingly didn’t gain a pound – my guess is we were laughing so much we must have been burning hundreds of calories. It’s always nice to splurge for a few days and spend quality time with your best peeps.  What a great way to start your third decade!

Happy birthday Suz!  Welcome to 30 sister – you’re gonna love it!


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