Hot Lips

I’ve never been much a lipstick-wearing-kind-of-gal, I think a lot of girls in my generation fall into that same category – it was all nude lip gloss and “smokey” eyes.  But lately (is it because I’m getting older? Don’t tell me that!) I’ve been drifting towards those colored tubes with no abandon.  And I’m jumping straight into the deep end too – no nudes for me, no-siree!  I went into MAC the other day for “So Chaud”, a brilliant matte red that I’ve only seen on other people.  I didn’t even try it on my hand, I just walked in and asked for it.  Those counter girls know a new junkie when they see one – because they pawned two more off on me.  “Sail La Vie” (a gorge orangey red cream) and “Viva Glam Nicki” (an in-yo-face coral pink).  I wore Sail La Vie out the other night and got some compliments, and a girlfriend said to me “I just don’t have the right lips to pull off lipstick.”  Nonsense!  We ALL have the lips to pull off lipstick.  I think the secret is the attitude – we just have to have the mojo (also a nice swipe of eyeliner and lots of mascara wouldn’t hurt).

{ from L to R: Viva Glam Nicki, So Chaud, Sail La Vie }


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