I Work Out

Wigglewigglewigglewiggle yeah!  Summer is seriously right around the corner which means less clothes and more swimsuits.  Beyond that is Fall and Winter and I happen to be in three weddings this Fall and Winter.  Three you say?  Yes – THREE.  Three bridesmaids dresses to zip up, three opportunities for photos that will be around for a lifetime, but more importantly three times I get to share an amazing day with three of my best friends.

With that said – it’s time to shape up.  Really kick it into high gear!  I’ve been like a woman on a mission these past couple of months (because I AM) and I can’t stop now.  One thing that keeps me motivated is fun workout clothes and accessories.  I’ll tell you – wearing lululemon capri pants is like wrapping your legs in unicorn kisses and marshmallow dreams.  Pricey, but TOTALLY worth it. 

 I like to keep my pants and tops simple, dark and with some sort of “dry-wick” (gross) technology.  Everything else I tend to go for a more bright-in-yo-face direction.  My trainer makes daily comments about my hot pink running shoes (same Nikes above).  But I say – what gets me to the gym doesn’t matter, it’s what I do when I get there.

Nike Free Run 3 Shoes | Black Tank | Pink Girl Shorts | iPod Nano | Heart Rate Monitor | Gold Duffle | Ribbon Hair Ties | Sports Bras


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