Weekend Refresh

This past weekend I went away to Monterey with some girlfriends for some good quality relaxation and amazing company. It was the same group that I went to Miami with last summer, so needless to say we had a blast. My friend’s dad has a house on the beach in Pacific Grove that we were lucky enough to use all weekend. At some point we had decided that we were going to make it a very healthy getaway – like a wellness retreat. The plan was to eat super clean and work out. Well, we worked out, but the clean eating went right out the window the second we decided to pick up wine, double stuffed Oreos and pub cheese. And by work out I mean that I flailed around the living room for about five minutes to a Tracy Anderson video before I gave up because the woman never says peep! When do you spin? Grapevine? Are we kicking now? What is going on?!
We rode bikes along the coast, had delicious sushi, painted our nails, drank a lot of wine, played board games (after said wine), and went to the Aquarium which I hadn’t done in about twenty years. We laughed for forty eight hours straight and while it wasn’t the “wellness retreat” we had originally planned it was definitely good for the soul. Just the weekend I needed to mentally prepare for the busy summer ahead. I was sad when it was over, but now we have the next girls trip to look forward to- whether it’s steamy Miami or sleepy Pacific Grove.










3 responses to “Weekend Refresh

  1. Sounds like fun ^^ Cool photos

  2. Love the pics and way I just lived vicariously through them. Miss you and glad you are doing well!

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