For Moms With a Heart of Gold

Mother’s Day is right around the corner so I’ve been thinking about what to get for my mama.  Last year, my mom probably had her worst Mother’s Day yet.  So this year, I’m looking forward to a do-over and a much happier Mother’s Day.  My mom and I don’t have the same taste, but we do like a lot of the same things – like Philosophy Coconut Frosting body wash and Tapatio hot sauce.  My favorite Mother’s Day gift was when my brother and I were able to find a vintage jewelery box that plays “Sukiyaki” when you open it to replace the one that was given to her by her dad when she was a little girl.  While my brother and I might never be able to top that one – maybe one of the pretty pink things with gilded accents above will do for the prettiest mom with a heart of gold!

Mother’s Day Card 

Personalized Playing Cards 

Kate Spade Cat Eye Sunglasses

MOR Belladonna Candle

Pink Geode Trinket Box

Pink and Gold Oval Link Bracelet

 Pink Drop Earrings

Rosy Cheeked Champagne Coupes

Veuve Rosé 

Gold Baking Cups 

Pink Cake Stand 

Gold Sanding Sugar 

Gold Eyelash Curler 

Tom Ford Pink Dusk Lipstick 

 Gold Stripe Phone Cover


One response to “For Moms With a Heart of Gold

  1. I like them all, but especially the card, the cards and the sunglasses. Beautiful choices ALL!

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