Chevron Nails

A few weeks ago I posted about my obsession with all things neon/neutral and the obsession still stands. I couldn’t be more excited for spring and everything that comes with it. Yesterday it was 70 ° and I started to get the itch to express my excitement for the warm weather, new fashions, and Cadbury mini eggs (seriously THE BEST Easter candy ev-er). I decided the best outlet for this excitement would be some nail art combining my neon/neutral love and chevron stripes, which I’ve been seeing everywhere all year-long.  I’ve seen chevron nails before, but I don’t have the steadiness to just paint stripes willy-nilly on my tiny little nails. I need structure, I need guidance, I need…scotch tape.

{ Put the tape on your skin so it’s not too sticky and pulls up the polish }{ Cut the tape into tiny little strips, I cut out about 60 }{ I painted two coats of my current fave, “Pool Party” and let it dry }{ Tape up those nails, girrrrrl.  I reversed the direction on my ring nail for fun }{ Paint the grey polish on top, I used two coats – one alone was too sheer } { Pull up the tape, and take a look at what needs to be cleaned up! }

Not bad for my first time, but there is room for improvement for sure.  I’m thinking maybe making stencils of label paper might be easier.  I’ll keep practicing, because it’s a look that’s too perky not to perfect!


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