Get Loose With the Juice!

{ my “lunch” the other day: apple/beet/carrot/ginger/spinach juice }

Do you juice? Are you a juicer? Does pulverized fruit get you all excited? Yeah, me neither.  Buuuuuuut – I thought I might give it a go. I keep hearing all the benefits and advantages to juicing and wouldn’t mind any of that.  In my poking around the internet, I’ve found a lot of juice “cleanses” – which also don’t sound like a bad idea.  Everybody needs a good detox every now and then (especially this girl: lover of all things champagne/cheesecake/smoked pork product related).  There are some out there that are one day, three days, or five days.  I think the most I could last is three.  Solid food and I have a had a pretty good run, I’m not willing to break up quite yet. 

What about you?  Have you ever tried juicing? Have you ever tried a cleanse? What about the master cleanse?  Did you think you would kill for some real food?  I’m dying to try it out – here a few of the options I’ve been looking at:

1.  The “Can Can Cleanse” – based in San Francisco, owner/founder Teresa Piro blends up and presses seasonal fruits and veggies for this one, three, or five-day cleanse.  You get 8 juices a day, which also includes some herbal teas and a nut milk.  Teresa includes some pretty helpful guidelines on her website for the cleanse like how to prep before you start, how to come down when you finish and what to eat if you’re really feelin’ the need for some solid food.  And how cute are those reusable mason jars?!

2.  The “BluePrintCleanse” – these juices are freshly made in New York City, but the juices can be shipped out in coolers so you could get them wherever you are!  They are numbered in the order you drink them, pretty easy to follow.  Similar to the Can Can cleanse, it includes fruit and veggie juices along with a nut milk.  There is also a “Juice ‘Til Dinner” program that includes food if the juice alone is too intense.  BluePrintCleanse also has three different levels, so that if you are a rookie or a more “advanced” juicer there is something for everyone.  I’d be an advanced juicer…no, no that’s a lie.  I’m a rookie.  Sigh.

3. The “Goop Cleanse” – created by Gwyneth Paltrow’s doctor, Dr. Junger, this cleanse is composed of not just juice, but soups and solid food including steamed salmon and greens, detox teriyaki chicken and smoothies for breakfast.  There are also helpful lifestyle tips to follow while on the cleanse and recipes for all of the juices and food.  One tip I particularly liked addressed “sluggish bowel movements”, mostly because it made me giggle like a 10-year-old.

5. The “Juicey Lucy’s Cleanse” – Also San Francisco based, this juice business actually operates out of a food truck and can be found at area farmers markets. The ingredients are fresh, local and you can pick a cleanse that lasts three, five, seven, ten days, or one day a week for however many weeks you choose.   According to their website, one 16 oz. Lucy’s Juice is equivalent to three servings of veggies.  Now that’s some serious nutrition.

I think that a cleanse would be difficult, but in the end would also probably feel totally amazing.  I think I need a juice cleanse buddy, however – someone in the trenches with me as we starve, hallucinate, and snap at one another due to low blood sugar.  Who’s with me?

*photos courtesy of Can Can Cleanse, BluePrintCleanse, Goop, Juicey Lucy’s


5 responses to “Get Loose With the Juice!

  1. Thanks for the juice cleansing suggestions ; detoxing is always good – especially when you’ve been eating unhealthy! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. The pictures alone are enough to peak my interest 🙂

  3. This is the second WordPress post I’ve read this week about juicers. I agree with soley. Your pictures make me want to buy a juicer. I’ve always wanted to do a cleanse but have been afraid to try it out. I gotta do some more research. And maybe we can become cleanse buddies and blog about it!

    Check out my post on fruit and how to include them into everyday meals

    I’d love to hear what you think about the post and my blog!

    getPHYT, Exercise Your Mind.

  4. I’ll be your juice buddy! Let’s do it… But can’t commit to more than a 3 day-er to start. I’m a juicer virgin 😉

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