Putting Neon in Neutral

Putting Neon in Neutral

It used to be that when someone said the word “neon” I would instantly get the mental image of a pair of black MC Hammer (aka “parachute”) pants with fluorescent puff paint squiggles and paint splatters  that I wore for the better part of third grade.  Those days are over, thankfully.  While the parachute and puff paint trend has died it seems that Neon is here to stay! And why not?  It’s fun, fresh and tempered with neutral grey and materials like cork, neon is less 80s sleaze and more millenial sleek.  I’m loving all the bright pieces popping up this season,  so I’ve gathered a few favorites to share with all of you!

  1. Milly clutch handbag, $235, Clare Vivier envelope clutch, $145
  2. Stella McCartney round sunglasses, $225
  3. American Apparel nail polish in Neon Violet and Neon Yellow, $6
  4. Topshop blush in Neon Rose, $12
  5. Forever 21 top, $20
  6. Joe’s Jeans skinny jeans, £105
  7. Multicolored Chevron Custom iPhone Case, $55
  8. Juicy Couture tying scarf, $78
  9. Kate Spade flat, $225
  10. Pendant, $54, Ettika rhinestone jewelry, $63
  11. Clutch handbag, $60
  12. Setting Fire by Kathranne Knight 20×200, $60

*p.s. quick tip about neon nail polish:  paint a coat of white nail polish first, under the neon polish – your nails will look more like the color on the bottle and less transparent/streaky!


3 responses to “Putting Neon in Neutral

  1. I love the neon trend! That clutch is fabulous!!

    From Brooklyn with love,


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