New York, New York

About a month ago (that’s how behind I am) I made a quick jaunt out to see one of my best friends who happens to live in New York.  I had booked the trip at the end of November, just for random fun.  In between booking my flight and my actual trip however, she got engaged! So the trip turned out to be less random and allowed me to meet the lucky fella’ (I hadn’t yet), and do some bridesmaid dress shopping with my besties.   I had been in Santa Monica the whole week before for work meetings where it was 70 degrees for the most part, and I was terrified it would be freeeeeeezing in NYC, but I lucked out with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-40s!

It also happened to be New York Restaurant Week (yum!) so we got to try out some great spots like Plein Sud for lunch and the Tribeca Grill (co-owned by Robert DeNiro) for dinner.  We also hit up the Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Williamsburg, which I’ve been dying to check out for-ev-er.  I highly recommend it if you like amazing beer and pork chops bigger than your head (which I do).

My favorite part however, had to be visiting the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side.  Somehow, by some miracle, there is a tenement building that has remained mostly untouched since the 1800s which now serves as a peek into the past to see how immigrants (like my great grandparents) lived back in the day.  They have recreated a few of the apartments to represent what life would be like at certain points in history, including the apartment of an Italian family that lived there in the 1930s.  Walking into that apartment was like walking into my Brooklyn-raised grandmother’s house – I kid you not.   I was so fascinated by the entire building and all the stories those walls must hold, I just let my history-nerd flag fly walking around with eyes as wide as saucers and asking really random questions.

All in all – fun weekend, great friends, awesome food AND we picked out bridesmaid dresses – SUCCESS!

{ watchful figures over Wall Street } { tenement museum books – my new obsession }{ dress shopping at the Bryant Park Hotel }{ drinking biers mit freunden }{ awesome little dive bar – we made summer friends and got free fries }

* Top photo by Doug – my friend’s new fiancé, who snapped the photo on that sunny Saturday.


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