Ombré Nails

After seeing this article on Refinery 29, I was bound and determined to figure out how to do ombré nails on my own.  I love the gradient color and think it’s such a fun new trend to try.  I tried over and over to get the ombré look, but could not get it right!  Well, I finally cracked the code.  It’s different from the nails in the article, but achieves a similar look and effect.  Just pick a color, add a few drops of it to some clear polish on a paper plate, then layer the coats moving slowly up the nail with each coat.  Seal with a coat of top coat or some glitter.  I chose to leave mine as they are, but I think the ombré glitzed up with gradient glitter would look amazing!

{layer the polish, moving up the nail, making the color on the tip thicker}


3 responses to “Ombré Nails

  1. I’ve heard about a few different ways of doing gradient nails, and this one sounds really good! I’ll give this a go if the sponge doesn’t work out for me.

  2. Thanks Sarsha! I tried the sponge (repeatedly), but it just made a big mess 😦 If you figure out the best way to do it – let me know!

  3. this is the best version!!! -i love this but i don’t understand how you did it-please explain?

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