¡Bienvenido a Miami!

{ Laying under the palm trees }

This past weekend (and beginning of the week) I was in Miami with some girlfriends.  It’s been one of the many mini-vacations I’ve taken all summer, but by far the best.  I spent all day Sunday floating in the crystal clear, bath water warm Atlantic letting the current take me wherever it wanted to go.  I laughed so hard, ate so much, danced too long, and did a lot of laying out.  A couple of the girls I had never travelled with, but it was no matter.  We all immediately fell into sync and we were on the same page for the whole trip.  Whether we clubbed it up or just had a big dinner and went back to our room – we had an absolute blast, I couldn’t have asked for better travel buddies and I definitely can’t wait until my next getaway!  …(which is Napa this weekend, naturally!)

{ this door seems so “Miami” to me }

{ neon blue floors }

{ platanos maduros and cuban rice in Little Havana }

{ I could have spent all day in this water }

{ clubbin’ it up }

{ yummy tropical sodas }

{ key lime semifreddo, delish! }


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