Yum Yum Cinnamon Buns

I love a good cinnamon roll/bun/bon…whatever you want to call them – I LOVE them.  When it comes to breakfast pastries, it really can’t be topped.  My mom would always make homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning when I was little.  Nothing quite like loads of sugar and unwrapping dozens of presents to make this young-whippersnapper hit the ceiling. 

I had some frozen bread dough in the freezer, and I thought I should really do something with it.  I remembered my mom telling me once (most likely after harassing her to make and send me some cinnamon rolls) to “go get some frozen bread dough and make your own!”  I’m not the best baker, so I set out the dough to thaw and rise and consulted a couple of recipes.  Namely, this one and this one.   I strayed from the recipes a little (maybe a lot), but they came out amazing.  T said “hmmm, they’re good” (he’s not a sweets guy), but my coworkers cursed me out for bringing something so sinful to the office.

 It’s definitely a work in progress, as I tweak this or add more of that.  I bet people won’t mind if I practice.

{ Instead of just cinnamon and sugar, I mixed brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon, and a generous sprinkle of salt. }

{ I rolled out the dough, covered it with melted butter and sugar mixture, rolled it up, sliced it and placed the rolls into a pan with the bottom covered in more melted butter and sugar. }

{ For the glaze, I mixed equal parts melted butter to powdered sugar and added some hot water along with vanilla extract and a few drops of orange extract. }

{ I know they say patience is a virtue, not so in this case, not so.   The sooner these get to your mouth, the better! } 


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