Because everyone needs a spa day.

After the past couple months of what seems like non-stop work events, traveling, baby showers, wedding showers, charity engagements, birthday parties and packed weekends I needed some down time.  Some girlfriends and I had “spa day” this past weekend, and it couldn’t have come at a better time!  It was the only free weekend I had for a while and I seriously enjoyed the relaxation and quality time with my girlfriends.

We soaked, steamed, had treatments (massages and facials), gossiped over a cheese tray and soaked a little more.  The weather was perfect for lounging around the courtyard in our robes and continuous dips in the plunge pools.  

It was such a lovely treat and reminded me that every now and then we have to stop and breathe and take some time for ourselves.  While I can’t do spa day (or as we say “spaaaaaaaaaahhhh day”) every weekend – I can certainly treat myself in small ways that make me feel pampered and relaxed.  Since it would be selfish to keep these to myself – I’d like to share them with you!

  1. Honey Facial:  I learned this one in make-up school, I do it often and it feels absolutely fabulous!  After cleansing your face, spread honey all over the skin.  Let it sit for just a couple of minutes then use your fingers to lightly tap your face.  The tapping creates suction between your fingers and the honey, pulling out impurities and cleaning out the pores.  I like to do this after a good scrub with baking soda, which I wrote about here.
  2. Hand Moisture Mask:  I don’t know about you lovelies – but my hands get dry.  Summer-in-the-desert-dry.  To battle dry hands every now and I then I will completely slather them in Aquaphor (or Vaseline, whatever’s “hand”y), toss on some latex gloves and do the dishes with really hot water.  The hot water helps open up the skin and let the moisturizer really do it’s job.  If you don’t have any dishes to do (ha!), wrap your hands in a warm towel and just relax for about 20 minutes.   *As a side note, I love Aquaphor – it’s one of those “have a tube everywhere” products for me.  I put it on my lips, hands, feet and elbows.  I actually took a pair of socks, cut off the toes and slide those over my Aquaphor’ed elbows at nighttime. 
  3. Olive Oil Hair Mask:  I love my hair, that is no secret.  It’s long, thick and shiny.  I try to do the best by my hair because it is so good to me.  And that means special treats every so often.  One of my favorite hair masks is the Ojon Intensive Hydrating 2-Minute Hair Mask.  I like to slather it on, cover it with a shower cap (so this doesn’t happen) and watch whatever I’ve got saved on the DVR.  But if I don’t have any of that lying around, which I currently don’t; I’ll whip up a homemade mask with lemon juice, honey and olive oil.  Just mix the ingredients together with a fork, comb through wet hair, toss it up under a shower cap, and relax for 20-30 minutes.  I like using a gentle shampoo when rinsing it out, so that you don’t feel super greasy but you don’t immediately strip away the moisturizer either. 

Just a few tricks from me to you – I hope you enjoy!

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