Because there is always temp for bon temps…

{ St. Louis Cathedral }

{ Shopping on Magazine Street }

Translation – there is always time for good times. Once a year a group of girlfriends and I take a trip together. The location is always different, but the group of girls remains the same. Last weekend was our annual “girls weekend” and we went to joyous, raucous New Orleans. We have had some insanely great girls weekends, but I think this one just might take cake.

{ Beignets and coffee at Café Du Monde }

{ Lots of Louisiana hot sauce, yum! }

The food was outstanding, there was music pouring out of every doorway, people waved hello and called you “cher” and we just couldn’t get enough. We learned a new dance – I can now “wobble” with the best of them and we made (as my mom says) “summer friends” all along the way. The second morning we sat around drinking coffee and eating beignets when I heard a steamboat blow its horn on the river while a man played a tuba on the corner and the bells at St. Louis Cathedral rang out – pure bliss.

Next year, we’ll go somewhere else (one of our rules, new year = new place), and while I’d love to repeat our most recent adventure, I know that it’s not the place that makes the weekend so special, but the girls I share it with. Girls weekend has been a tradition for six years now, but this year we cemented our committment to this trip over some cocktails and jazz music that no matter what – marriages, careers, pregnancies or gaggle of kids – we will continue to celebrate our friendship with this trip. It was a very sisterhood-of-the-traveling-pants type moment, so I can safely say we are all comfortable dorking out on each other and I can’t wait for next year!

What are some traditions that you have with your girlfriends?

{ Alligator cheesecake. Yes, alligator }

{ A four-spigot fountain for Absinthe }


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