Because you’re the pineapple of my eye.

I LOVE pineapple. It is absolutely one of my favorite fruits.  Recently I came across the most adorable pineapple-inspired piece while perusing  What?  It’s not like I do that all the time, they’re having a sale.  I don’t check it weekly.  I swear.

Is that not the cutest thing?!  It’s a coin purse and I adore the green leather leaves sprouting out the top of the gold paillettes.  It reminded how much I love pineapples (and Kate Spade) – so I’ve gathered a few other things that remind me of this juicy gem.  I can’t get enough!  Which has happened before, unfortunately.  I once ate so much pineapple that my tongue and mouth burned from the acid.  Just…can’t…stop…


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