Because sometimes makeup smells funny.

And I recently experienced this unfortunate occurence.  Now, I’m not talking about cosmetics that have gone rancid – that’s different, and in that case – it needs to be tossed!  I’m talking about the most perfectly perfect pink lip gloss (Chihuahua by NARS) that I imagined myself wearing all spring and summer long.  Until I opened it up and got a big ol’ whiff.  Pee-yew!  I took it back to the store and the beauty  advisor informed me that “no…that’s just how that gloss smells.”  What?  Turns out the gloss is un-scented so I’m smelling lanolin (which makes it feel so smooth!) and other natural ingredients, that are naturally a little too odorous for my taste. 

Well, I’m not one to just toss a $24 gloss – there had to be a better way.  So after some brainstorming, I came up with a solution – add flavor extract!  It will conquer the smell, and make it yummy to boot.  So if you have a gloss or balm that you love, but smells a little funny or you just want to personalize what you put on your pucker – just follow these steps!

1.  Start with some simple ingredients.  I used orange and vanilla extract (one of my favorite flavor combos). 

2.  Use a dropper to help measure out the flavor extracts.  I used 3 parts orange extract to 1 part vanilla extract.

 3.  Mix it up!

4.  I suggest dumping some gloss out (it’ll be worth it, I swear) to avoid overflow – then use the dropper to add the extracts to your gloss.  Put the top back on and shake it up or use the wand to swirl it all around.  Simple as that.

Voila – orange vanilla lip gloss, in the most perfectly perfect pink for spring and summer! 

 With the flavor extracts that are available online, the combinations are endless.  Cherry almond or cinnamon peach anyone?


One response to “Because sometimes makeup smells funny.

  1. You’re a genius — love it!

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