Because don’t you remember how much fun it was to pass notes?

I do.  I loved it, and they never said anything that important, really – just little paper pieces of joy.  Messages ran the gamut from “I might cut my bangs” to “I’m pretty sure Boy X is asking me to prom today”.  Nowadays, there’s email, texts, tweets, pings, and IM’s.  And at this time in my life the messages are more like “I might cut my bangs” and “I’m pretty sure Boy X is asking me to meet his parents tonight”.  Although it’s nice to keep in touch, our modern delivery is just not as fun as the (incredibly intricate) origami-folded, embellished-with-glitter-pen notes we used to get from each other many years ago.

I think the problem is we don’t have the right medium for hand-written notes.  What can we use – binder paper?  A hallmark card?  Bo-oring.  There are so many great stationary options out there.  Some fun, some funky, some whimsical, some classic – all fantastic.  Grab a pen, grab a note – and tell someone whether or not you might cut your bangs…


p.s. – It was incredibly hard for me to only pick out a few options. I have always been enthusiastic about stationery, paper goods, gift tags, etc.  Just say the words “letter-press” and I’m all over it! So here are some links for my all-time, go-to favorites:


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