Because it already feels like Spring in San Diego.

I love doing my own nails and toes (thank god, because it’s a major cost savings) and I have an extensive collection of nail polish as a result of my all at-home-pampering. Back when I used to have someone do my manis and pedis, I would drive the poor woman nuts because there was some color that I had “dreamed” of, or I saw someone’s mother’s cousin’s sister’s niece wearing it 10 years ago – and I absolutely had to have it and couldn’t for the life of me understand why didn’t she have that color??? 

The color visions still come, and I’ve learned by now that if I just wait patiently a season or two, eventually the industry catches up with me. For awhile now I’ve fantasized about a light, fluffy, lavender version of my favorite stand-by, OPI’s  “Mod About You”.  It’s the perfect opaque-light pink, like bubble gum for your finger tips.  I’ve been dying for a similar version on the purple end of the spectrum. Well, loves – Essie to the rescue again! I caught a little side-bar ad in this month’s issue of Lucky magazine for their “Art of Spring” collection due this February – and it’s divine! 

From L to R: Lilacism, Neo Whimsical, Pop Art Pink, Nouveau Red, Tart Deco, Van D'go.

 I’m loving Lilacism and Neo Whimsical. I think that Tart Deco would look super-cute on toes at the beach. Now I just have to wait until they actually come out, I sense impending laquer lunacy.

Oh side note: If you’ve ever had the burning desire to coordinate your laptop with your ladyfingers – you can totally do that now. Dell has partnered up with OPI, providing you with 26 color options (all classic OPI colors like “I’m Not Really a Waitress” and “Kyoto Pearl”) to choose from – ensuring that your nails match your emails!


2 responses to “Because it already feels like Spring in San Diego.

  1. I’m digging that Lilacism also but, lucky for you, I feel retarded in nail polish. So we won’t show up at an event wearing the same nail polish anytime soon. So embarrassing. 😛

  2. Yes Lizzie! “Mod About You” is one of my favorites. However i opt to bring my color into the Salon, my hand is not quite as steady.
    Keep the Spring tips coming, I can hardly take anymore of this gloomy weather and you’re inspiring me for the Spring!
    P.S. my Dell lap top has arrived in “Rosey future” and she is a real Beaut!

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