Because “Hair” isn’t just a ’60s rock musical.

My hair and I have quite the tumultuous past.  It started out super fine and thin, to the point where my poor mother would cry because there was nothing to put a bow in.  Then of course puberty hit, and what was once so fine and thin, became big and curly, unruly and stubborn.  Not only did I have enough hair to put a bow in, but I could have probably stowed a cruise ship in that ‘do.  At this point in my life however, I have really come to embrace my hair.   My hair and I have come to an agreement, and I think these luscious locks are much happier now that I’m not trying to suffocate it with krimpers and sunflower scrunchies.

About 2 years ago while going through a bad breakup I went in to the salon and declared “Dye me raven!  I want it jet black!”  It wasn’t a goth thing, it was an escapism thing.  It allowed me to step outside myself, have a fresh new outlook and be able to gather my bearings and move on with my life.  Dying my hair empowered me in a tough time, and I will be forever grateful.  To show my gratitude, there a couple of simple things I do – and I’d like to share them with you!

1.  I brush my hair before I wash it.  Sounds like it wouldn’t make that big of a difference but it does.  Brushing before washing means less tangles going into the shower, therefore less tangles coming out of the shower.  Wet tangles equals lots of breakage, so the less wet tangles you have- the better.  I haven’t bought any in a while, but No More Tears isn’t just for toddlers, folks and would work well for detangling that wet mop.  So to reiterate, wet tangles = BAD NEWS.

2.  The environment, stress, over styling and mistreatment will dry out any hair type, so I recommend a moisture mask about once a month (or every other week, if your hair is supa-dupa dry).  I take a lemon (preferably a meyer lemon homegrown on my dad’s tree – they are the best), some olive oil and honey.  I mix it up and comb it through my hair and then I just hang out for half an hour or so, then wash it out.  The olive oil and honey moisturize, while the lemon juice strips away all the gunk to give you brighter, shinier hair.

3.  Tools matter!  Ask any guy and he’ll tell you a Phillips screwdriver and a straight screwdriver might both be screwdrivers, but they can’t do the same job.  Same goes for hair tools.  When it comes to dry hair – I use a brush, with wet hair – a wide tooth comb. This ensures that there will be less breakage and less breakage makes for healthier hair.

So give those tricks a try, and let me know what you think. Has there ever been a time in your life when one of your features has pulled you out of a funk? Let me know – I’d love to hear!


2 responses to “Because “Hair” isn’t just a ’60s rock musical.

  1. Yes! I love your hair and I will be taking these tips TODAY!

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