Because what’s a new year without new resolutions?

So 2009 was pretty good to me, and I’m betting that 2010 is going to be pretty fab too. But to get the year off to a good start, I thought I should come up with some beauty resolutions:

1.  Drink more water!  Life tends to get ahead of me sometimes and I go for the quick fix – grabbing coffee or Diet Coke to give me that caffeine jolt I so wantonly crave.  But I know that if I’m adequately hydrated, I probably will also feel more energized and awake too.  Plus, it’s better for your skin and overall well-being.  So I will drop to my knees, hold my Sigg bottle up high and say “As God is my witness, I’ll never be thirsty again!”

2. Wear SPF every day!  I mean, this one really goes without saying.  Also I’ve decided that when I get too tan, I start looking like a guidette a’la “Jersey Shore”.  So I’m putting an end to the over-tan.  I found this fantastic makeup primer by Nars – I wear primer everyday anyway – so toss some SPF in the mix and we’re cooking with gas!  It goes on like a dream, and it doesn’t have that “SPF” smell like most sunscreens.  So not only does my makeup look smooth and lovely, but I’m fending off those nasty, wrinkle-inducing UVs!

3. Splurge, on myself!  Okay, so the economy has not been great (pretty bad actually) and I’ve been doing my best to horde every precious penny.  Part of that effort has included cutting certain treats like manicures, pedicures, facials – and more recently waxings.  It was the last to get crossed off the list, and I have an at-home waxing kit, so I just need to practice.  So if y’all see me walking around with one eyebrow, at least you’ll know why.  But truth be told, sometimes we need to be pampered – so my resolution this year is to not feel too guilty about beauty splurges.  And I was raised Catholic, so I feel guilty about everything.  I think I’ll get a massage every couple of months, it will reduce stress (which in turn will reduce the random gray hairs that keep showing up), release toxins and increase circulation.  All of which I hope will result in brighter skin, healthier hair and nails, and of course, a more relaxed, peppier Me.

Some people don’t like being touched, and I get that.  So splurge on a beauty product that you’ve always always wanted, but thought it would be too silly to spend the money on.  A really great face cream or turbo charged hair dryer. It’s up to you loves, treat yourself, and 2010 will treat you right back!


3 responses to “Because what’s a new year without new resolutions?

  1. Very helpful info. Your blog is great.

  2. Very inspiring! I’m going to be cleaning out my closet when I get home as part of my resolutions. Also.. glad to see a little self-pampering is on your list. 🙂

  3. The Capitola Crew will have SPF 45 waiting for you 🙂

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