Because this girl is on a budget…

I might as well preface this post with – “I’m here! I didn’t forget about the blog!” Work and life has made for one very busy schedule lately, but I’m back, and ready to attack! So stay tuned for more posts and fab beauty ponderings.

So a good friend of mine sent me a link to Urban Decay “Rocks”. Little crystals, in assorted sizes and colors, that you can adhere to anywhere with the tube of glue that comes with this kit. Definitely not an everyday makeup item, but fun nonetheless. So fun, and so funky – so on my radar. But I’ll tell you beauties – you don’t need to shell out $18 for something that you’ll use maybe once a year. 

I have a little pillbox (clutch for keeping tiny precious items) full of rhinestones and crystals that I got at Michael’s craft store, for about $5 – I glued some crystals to the inside corners of my eyes using some eyelash glue for this past Halloween, super gorgeous!  I keep the pillbox and eyelash glue around for special occasions and costume type situations.  I once glued some crystals to fake eyelashes and wore the bedazzled lashes to brighten up my peepers for another costume. 

The moral of the story is this:  you don’t always have to pay full price!  There’s always always always a way to do something on the cheap.  So my pretties – let me know what you’d like to do on a budget – if I don’t have a cost-savings solution, you can bet your bottom that I’ll find one!


2 responses to “Because this girl is on a budget…

  1. what a great, fun idea for New Year’s Eve…if only I were going out!

  2. Duchess Ivana Stoli

    Get on with your bad self! You are back, and ready to attack. Welcome back girl.

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