Because this girl is always on the go…

So I just got these incredibly incredible towelettes from Herban Essentials. Each towelette is individually wrapped so I can stow them in my purse, glove box, office drawer, laptop case, pocket…anywhere! The best part, they smell absolutely amazing. You know that little mist that sprays up when you start peeling a fresh orange? The orange towelette smells EXACTLY like that – crisp and delicious. They have all sorts of yummy versions like lavender, lemon, peppermint and eucalyptus. Each one is soaked in all natural essential oil – so they’re antibacterial to boot. Soooo much better than the make-your-hands-dryer-than-the-Sahara hand gel.

With all of the hub-bub about the flu and H1N1, I have a feeling I’m going to be using these towelettes allllll season long. Not to mention that they are super convenient and super portable, these are going to be so handy on the flights I seem to be constantly taking. Before landing these are going to be great for an arm and hand wipe down so that I can smell more “crisp and delicious” and less “Southwest recycled air”.


2 responses to “Because this girl is always on the go…

  1. those sound perfect…how do we get them?

  2. Go to or click the link above! They are simply fantastic!

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